History of Diamond Engagement Rings

In romantic movies, men often do the craziest stunts to ask their lover to marry them. Also, they would buy beautiful diamond engagement rings Fortunately, there are in reality no such stunts except the right engagement ring choice.

An engagement ring and diamond from www.newstardiamonds.com are inseparable. A diamond ring must fit perfectly with the moment of engagement as a symbol of eternity, strength and brilliance. It is, for this reason, appropriate to a properly first Ist you if you are considering buying a diamond engagement ring because of the emotional and monetary preciousness of the jewel.

The existence of engagement ring dates back to ancient Egypt as a symbol of an eternal cycle and the space between them and the road to it. The engagement rings are to be worn on the fourth finger (ring finger) as the Ancient Egyptians believed that they contain a vein that goes to the heart. The Romans believed that the ring was more a symbol of ownership than of love.

The Greeks were the first to use engagement rings. The first documented use of a diamond ring for engagement was the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in Vienna’s imperial court in 1477, for his engagement to Mary of Burgundy.

This inspired the rich class to give diamond rings to their loved ones. The diamond mines were discovered in Africa in 1870. In the Western civilization, the bride is expected to wear her ring permanently as an expression of her commitment.

The diamonds still express a strong emotional value but loose diamonds are more of an investment these days. Offering a diamond is linked to a special moment in the lives of partners.

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