Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Needs to Avoid

The problem with most young businessmen is that they consider themselves to invincible. Since they lack experience in the field, they do not know that running a business is a path of constant challenges and hardship. One of the main traits of a businessman is vigilance. You must be able to spot an error before it can happen to prevent the consequences. In this case, here are some startup mistakes that you will have to prevent when starting your own business.

Assuming Passion is Contagious

Just because you are excited about the company, it does not mean that everyone else is too. You cannot force your employees to be passionate about the work that you do. But you can definitely inspire them to follow your lead. If your employees see you putting your 100% into the company, they will be motivated to do the same.

Ignoring Honesty

Most of us want to believe that our lives are perfect. Thus, we do not want to accept criticism. This is a trait that an entrepreneur must not possess. You must be open to criticism, especially if it comes from a person with field experience. You cannot close your ears every time someone says something that you don’t want to hear. Instead, you need to consider their suggestions and find a way to fix the issue.

Failure to Explore the Market

Although it is important to stick to the business plan, you need to make spontaneous decisions every now and then. For instance, there is no reason for Com Mirza to cater their products only to Muslim customers. This can limit the profitability of the business. You need to sell your product to anyone who is interested in buying. This way, you will be able to build a larger customer base.

Being aware of the possible pitfalls will not only enable you to be more cautious, but will expose you to the reality of being an entrepreneur before you step into the shoes of a businessman.

The Different Types Of Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a very diverse field indeed. You need to have an insane amount of technical knowledge if you truly want to succeed in it. Promoting your business on the internet and over older methods of communication is something that every owner or marketing department head needs to be a master of. If you ever want to get new customers and expand the business, this is something you need to do. According to the professionals like Adeel Chowdhry internet marketing is a game that you have to learn well before you play.

There are so many different ways to market a product or a service online that you can get carried away and employ the wrong methods. This can result in a catastrophe if you aren’t careful. Remember the core principle behind all types of marketing. You need to get your product out on the streets (not a drug reference) without appearing like you’re pushing it on the people too hard.

Never Start Boring The Customer

Every company owner or budding marketer has developed their own way of doing things. Each is slightly different. However, the beauty of it is that every good marketer also changes up their strategy every now and then. This is because the worst nightmare of anyone involved, as Adeel Chowdry so accurately put it, is to bore your audience. If your marketing strategy is found boring, it is the signal that the death of the campaign is at hand.

You need to be focused on many different tactics to keep the interest of the users. Different people have different tastes, and the ideal marketing would satisfy all of the tastes of the many varied users within the customer base of the company. Always remember that the last thing you need is to bore the people you are trying to get to hire the company or buy its products.

Purchase Cheap Tyres without Having to Sacrifice the Quality

Every individual would like to buy items at a discounted rate, but we also want quality products for the money that we pay. Just because you want to buy cheap tyres does not mean you have to buy poor quality tyres for your car. If you take the time out to shop around for the best deals, then you can definitely find car tyres that will save you money both in the long and short term.

Cheap car tyres can be found online. The internet is an essential tool when it comes for shopping and searching for items. There are thousands of websites that you will find and these websites will assist you in comparing prices and finding the best deals. When you search online you should remember to consider the fitting costs, disposal of old tyres, the quality of the tyres, and the thread.

Create a list of the prices and tyre companies you find online so that you can compare what the businesses have to offer. Also, make sure that you check tyres at your local dealer so that you can understand which tyres at the best. Your dealer will be able to give you good advice about the best tyres in the market. This advice will assist you when making your final decision. It would also be a good idea to ask friends if they have bought cheap car tyres in the past and from where.

When you have prices and phone numbers ready, you should start making phone calls to the companies that you find affordable. Spending a little time shopping around for cheap tyres in the UK will do you good and will be totally worth it. Yes, it will require you to spend time online and you may have to make a couple of phone calls, but in the end you will save loads of cash. The wad of cash that is left over can be used for other items and you will not have to sacrifice the quality. Searching in different places will allow you to get the best for your money!

Are Car Manufacturers In The Process Of Phasing Out The Spare Tyre?

Just the way the old cassette player was slowly phased out, the spare tyre is in the process of being phased out. Is this a noble idea? What is the logic behind phasing out the spare tyre? What will happen if you car develops puncture at a place where you cannot easily access tyre repair services? These are some of the questions that people are asking themselves since now it is becoming clear that many automobile manufacturers in the UK have actually stopped supplying spare tyres in the cars that they offer for sale.

 Check your car’s boot

If you recently bought a new car, check your boot and you will most likely find that it is empty.  This new development came in to focus when a UK resident Robert Griffiths while driving home from Sheffield realised that one of his car tyres had developed puncture. Surprisingly, his Vauxhall Safira 2010 model did not have spare tyre. Instead, the car was fitted with DIY repair kit that was complete with sealant.

According to the story told by Robert, he tried repairing the tyre but found that the tear was so large such that the sealant provided in the DIY repair kit could not seal it completely. He had no option other than to call rescue service. It took about two and half hours for tow truck to be organized to tow to the car and take Robert home.  According to report recently published by Green Flag rescue service, the numbers of drivers who make calls after being left stranded has increased by 20%.

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The RAC report

Another report by RAC states that they have had more than 80,000 call outs annually from stranded drivers who do not have spare tyres. Most of these drivers did not know how to use the provided sealants to repair the tyre. This kit is designed such that it can only repair the small punctures. Therefore, it will not work if the tyre has deep cut or side wall damage. Also, even if the kit works, you may still end up paying someone to do the repair.

According to another driver Tom Watkins who had flat tyre and used the provided sealant, Tom’s dad requested the Vauxhall Corsa dealer to perform some simple puncture repair on the tyre but they refused. Because they could not manage to wash out the sealant, Tom had no option but to buy new tyre that cost him more than £100.

According to other stories posted online, many drivers in the UK are getting bills similar to that of Tom.  While some of the sealants provided in the repair kit are soluble, industry insights show that most of the tyre repairers decline to wash out the sealant and re-use the tyre which had the puncture because the process is generally time consuming. In the mean time, many car manufacturers in the UK are in the process of getting rid of the spare tyre.

According to study carried out on the top ten selling car models in Britain, it is only Volkswagen that provided spare tyre.  According to Dominic Tobin, The Sunday Times Motoring Journalist, many car manufactures in the UK want to make their car models and brands lighter since doing so will help improve the fuel economy. The European Union has already set targets for this undertaking.

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Will phasing the tyre reduce the total weight of the car?

Actually, phasing out spare tyre will reduce the total weight of the car by about 20 kilograms.  However, experts are of the opinion that phasing out the spare tyre is not the only way in which the weight of the car can be reduced because those efficiency savings can be achieved at through various other ways which do not inconvenience drivers such as redesigning the seats or using aluminium the general design of the car.

Since Britain’s roads are already riddled with potholes and the condition is expected to deteriorate even further in the next winter season, many drivers are likely to get stranded when they experience blow outs and turn to the car boot to find that it is empty. At this moment, and bearing in mind the currents status of the roads in the UK, it would wise if the car manufacturers rethink of introducing the spare tyre

Pirelli First Half Earnings Down, Apollo Plans Increased Investment in High Potential Markets

Italian tyre conglomerate Pirelli Tyres announced the financial results for the first half of the year 2013. The company has recorded a YOY 6.1% decrease in the earnings before interest and tax as compared to 2012.

Indian tyres major Apollo Tyres, which recently acquired Cooper Tires and Rubber, has announced increased investments in areas where it anticipates growth.

Pirelli Earnings Growing in 2013 2nd Quarter

Pirelli confirmed that second quarter of 2013 has been positive with revenues showing an 8.8% hike over the figures of 2nd quarter 2012. However the net profit for the quarter – 78 million euro- is lower than the profit Pirelli earned during the second quarter in 2012, which stood at 94.9 million euro.

Pirelli attributes the poor results to the weakness of the European economy. The company also experienced a shrinking of demand by 5% in the European tyre market for both OE tyres as well as replacement cheap tyres in the first quarter. The demand crept up in the second quarter, and increased by 3% YOY as compared to second quarter of 2012.

Pirelli also confirmed that the premium segment in which it is active received positive support from markets in China and South America, resulting in volume growth.

Results are an Improvement Over First Quarter

In general Pirelli’s results are better in the 2nd quarter as compared to the first. This year has been no different. As compared to the 11.7% profitability in the first 3 months of 2013, profitability in the 2nd quarter rose to 12.6%. A better volume performance and a price/mix improvement contributed to this, Pirelli said.

Pirelli added that the company has been able to support industrial costs for start ups in Russia and Mexico and investment in future on account of the falling raw material prices. Increase in production efficiencies has also balanced the increased costs of production.

Apollo to Focus on Serbia, China and Mexico

Besides Pirelli, China and Mexico will receive attention from Apollo Tyres too. Mr. Neeraj Kanwar, Vice Chairman and MD Apollo Tyres identified these two markets along with Serbia as having high potential for growth. “Plants in these high potential areas will receive the benefits of investment first”, he said.

The Trayal factory in Krusevac Serbia, which Cooper took over in early 2012 had a capacity of 1 million. Immediate investment will up the capacity to 2.5 million and eventually the plan is to make it a 5-6 million capacity plant.

Right now, there is a cloud over Apollo’s plans in China due to the strike action opposing Apollo’s take over of the Cooper Chenshan factory. Mr. Kanwar confirmed that both this factory and the second one in China- the Cooper Kunshun plant are important for the company’s regional plans.

The company wants to produce nearer to where it sells. So the major manufacturing hubs for the company will be China, India, Europe and America, which will cater respectively to the China & Southeast Asia, India & West Asia, Europe and American markets respectively.

Hire, Hire Goes Jaguar with F-PACE On the Cards

Jaguar Land Rover is in news for hiring 1,300, a remarkable number of workers recently. The automobile giant has appointed these at its plant in West Midlands as it gears up to steer right into the SUV sector.

6 Hire, Hire Goes Jaguar with F-PACE On the Cards

The competition in the already fiery sports utility vehicle segment will soon get fiercer. Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover has major plans to accelerate into the sector with the launch of its much-awaited SUV, F-PACE. And, to get the model rolling out the production line, the car maker has recently hired 1,300 employees.

After the Invictus Games held in London, referring to its hiring spree at West Midlands, Jaguar Land Rover had also expressed keenness to appoint ex-military personnel.


The F-PACE was first revealed in the form of the C-X17 crossover concept vehicle way back in 2013, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar Land Rover is marketing its hybrid SUV, F-PACE, in full swing at the moment. The company has revealed that it’s expending a sum of whopping £1.5billion in order to make this vehicle lighter in order to boost its fuel economy stats.

A few days ago, the production-ready Jaguar F-PACE was unveiled at the Auto Show held at Detroit. At the event, Dr Ralph Speth, Jaguar chief, stated that the revelation of F-PACE demonstrates their company’s unyielding commitment to the UK market and its foray into a highly skilled, hi-tech, manufacturing-led economy.

Jaguar Land Rover’s recent investment at its facility in Solihull near Birmingham is the largest amount poured into this site in its rich history of 70 years. The plant now has a massive assembly hall, nearly the size of almost 22 football pitches put together. The five-seater F-PACE will be produced here along with Jaguar XE.

Jaguar’s Big Plans

Dr Speth stated that Jaguar Land Rover intends to tap into the huge demand for SUVs and compact crossovers, across markets in the UK and US, with the launch of F-PACE. Moreover, he added, greatest opportunities lie in emerging markets such as Indian and China, the major reason why they recently inaugurated a factory in China.

John Leech, KPMG’s head of automotive division for the UK, underlined the potential for growth of car production in China. He stated that right now, only 2% of the Chinese population drives a car.

Leech said that the British automotive industry currently has “phenomenal” drivers in position, just right for long-term growth. And that the industry is potentially headed for resurgence over the next two decades.

He added that friendly business environment, tremendous improvement in process engineering techniques and enhanced flexibility in labour markets are the key home-grown reasons that have resulted in an incredible turnaround in the sector’s achievements.

The fact that the new F-PACE shares several parts and components with the firm’s other series, is a critical factor in lowering its production costs. Jaguar has been able to restore its competitive edge successfully by adopting a new way of manufacturing cars, in addition to the nation’s prowess in automobile styling and design.

Jaguar Land Rover has already confirmed its strong comeback in the automotive sector. The firm’s retail car sales have grown by over 100% since 2009, with a staggering 462,678 vehicle sold last year.

Five Things That You Can Do To Earn Money Online

The Internet is like a country and the websites are the estates that one can use to make money from the people visiting the website or the traffic. If you create your own website, you are actually creating your own real estate to make money online and Unleash the Wealth Within. You can fill up the real estate with whatever you want like you can sell your own products and your website will work as a shopping Centre where you can sell your own products or trade many of them to make money online.

One can start the business of creating websites and become the developer. You just need the hosting space and a template and the content to start up your own website.
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· You can sign up with Google AdSense to earn money online if you have technical difficulties understanding the complex web making procedure and doing B2B business. You just need to get the content and promote your website while integrating Google AdSense will fetch you some extra cash for your monthly expenses.

· Become Amazon associate – long runs associate programs for site owners and bloggers and there are right products and services that one can display on the websites and start earning money through affiliate marketing and earn some commissions when the Amazon gets the sales.

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Home Decoration Tips – Print Photos on Canvas

Real paintings from the famous artists have always been center of attraction for art lovers across the world. Individuals may travel to far distant places to look for the designs and paintings in an art gallery. It is not difficult to understand why paintings on canvas look much more appealing than mere photos on the computer screens. It has become very popular these days to get prints of the art work and decorate houses with photos on canvas . Instead of spending millions or even thousands on real paintings, the digital prints on canvas are economic options that very well resemble the actual paintings.

The texture of the canvas looks like a real deal despite of the fact that colours of the design is printed using various techniques which give natural feel and look. There are many companies that are offering photo to canvas services on their websites. However, all of them aren’t doing perfect job by providing excellent quality and many don’t use the right printing technique. CanvasDesignz in UK uses professional level printing methods so that everything looks quite natural and realistic that all visitors will definitely appreciate the walls and art on the unique walls.

It is easy and sumptuous yet affordable to change the design in the room quickly by just adding new element of art according to the taste. One can customize the photos onto canvas that may range from a popular piece of art, popular destinations or family portraits that have always been desirable in the families. Just decide which photo is right for printing on canvas, decide the size of the canvas, make an online payment and sit back for quick delivery. All the canvas prints are so durable that the ink would not fade away for the next 75 years.

Is Your Web Designer Scamming You

When it comes to building an online presence for yourself getting a web designer to create a web site for you is one of the most important things that you can do to get yourself out there. Now without a doubt there are many great web designers out there that will create exceptional websites for you but what do you do if you think your web site designer might be scamming you?
One thing that may raise a red flag as if they are requesting all the money for the work that they’re doing before they even do anything for you.

A lot of web design Manchester is charged by the hour so it is really impossible to tell just how long it will take to properly create a website for you so if they are requesting all of your money up front for the website design this may be an excellent sign that they’re trying to scam you.

Does the person that is designing your website avoid your calls and emails? A quality web designer is going to be available to you in any time of the day during their business hours and should be happy to get back and touch a few within a reasonable amount of time. Again if you have not heard from your web designer in days this could be a sign that they’re trying to scam you out of your money.

Have you not seen any indication that your website is progressing along as it should be? You should be able to see at certain points in time the progress of the web designers making in regards to creating your website. If you cannot tell that any progress is being made as you’re not able to see any of the progress going on with your web design Manchester again is an excellent sign that you’re likely being stand out of your money.

It is important to take action quickly if you feel you’re being scammed by your web designer as you want to make sure that they’re reprimanded for what they’re doing and that they do not take anyone else’s money and run away with it. Make sure to report the website owner that is scamming you to the appropriate authorities and let them help you deal with them.

Low Carb Diet – Worth It or Not?

It has been a widespread ‘fact’ that cutting out carbohydrates from your diet was the best way to lose weight. For years, people have been avoiding potatoes, loaves of bread, and other starchy goodness like the plague. After all, everyone knew that the best way to put on muscle was to cut down on the carbs and ramp up on the protein.

Latest research shows, however, that this may all be fiction. We need carbohydrates in order to function properly and in fact, this food group is detrimental to your workout routine. Yes, you need carbs to be able to perform better at the gym. Don’t believe it? Ask any personal trainer San Jose or anywhere else to confirm this for you. Here are the real facts behind this myth:

False Weight Loss

The reason that it is so easy to believe in the low carb diet is because people have lost weight following it. This diet also allows you to lose weight quickly. It must be effective, then, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The weight loss that you experience when on a low carb diet is actually a reduction in water weight. Your body retains 2.4 grams of water for every 1 gram of carbs. When you cut out all starchy foods you are actually just removing all this water from your body. You are not actually losing any body fat, which is what you should be dropping.

The Right Carbs are Important

All food types have good and bad versions. The same holds true for carbohydrates. Good carbs are derived from whole grain foods, vegetables, and fruits. They are important for your health and also affect the way you put on muscle. When you cut down on carbs, you are depriving your muscles of a lot of necessary energy. It is difficult to put any effort into your rigorous workout when you don’t have any energy. The less exertion put into your exercise routine, the less tone and definition you will see in your body.

Carbohydrates also play a large role in providing your brain with the necessary fuel to function. When your diet does not allow for carbs, there is less energy for your brain to absorb. This usually results in lack of concentration and a feeling of lethargy.

Finally, very little of carbs – only about 4 percent of the total amount you consume – are actually turned into fat. If you work out on a regular basis this is actually a negligible percentage and will barely register on your body. This food type also does not inhibit the burning of fats.

There you have it, the results are in. You can now eat carbs again. The best time to splurge on some naughty carbohydrates rather than healthy ones is just after you have completed a particularly exhausting workout. You should always adjust the number of carbs you are eating to how much exercise you are getting in a day.