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Definition of Slavery

As the leading scholar of slavery, David Davis observed “The more we learn about slavery, the more difficulty we have defining it”. A clear definition of slavery has indeed proven very hard to find. As the leading scholar of ottoman slavery has remarked “It is difficult to treat slavery as one definable phenomenon just in the Ottoman Empire, let alone globally”. Another scholar has observed about slavery in Istanbul that it was so diverse just in Istanbul, that it does not make to talk about slavery as a unified phenomenon in just one city, let alone the entire world.

Dr Jonathan Brown has pointed out that definitions in slavery have tended to revolve around three notions. A slave as a man who is an outsider, a slave as property and a slave as an object of violence. But for the definitions to fit into all thing that people today commonly associate with slavery, this definition has to be so vague that it is almost useless.

So slavery according to one person is the forced labor of one group by another. Others have suggested that slavery is an outcast. Some scholars have proposed more specific definitions. The most influential definition comes from Orlando Patterson who defines slavery as always exhibiting three features. First, slavery involves perpetual domination, ultimately enforced by violence. Second, slavery involves natal alienation, which means you are unable to pass on anything, you are cut off from your ancestors. Third, slavery is defined by dishonor.

Where Patterson’s definition fails to apply in many instances which we would otherwise refer to as slavery. According to Dr Jonathan Brown Slavery, sometimes there were who dominated free people as in the case of Turkish slave soldiers of the ambassador in the 9 and 10 centuries. Egypt and Syria were literally ruled by the slave dynasty from 1250 to 1617. The Turkish warlords reproduced itself generation after generation by importing new slave soldier into the military elite that defined itself by its military slave experience.


Slavery hence, cannot be defined or enveloped into a single definition, it is more a perception than a reality.

Common Soldering Problems You Need to Avoid

If you are a soldering pro, you would know that the job is not an easy one. Whether you prefer to use your hands or modern equipment, this job can be go wrong at certain times. The best way to avoid these problems is to be aware of them. So, take a look at the following to avoid unnecessary soldering problems.

Overheated Joints

Overheated joints occur when the solder has flowed properly. When the joint gets overheated, it can be quite difficult for you to make the repairs due to residue of the burnt flux. So, firstly, you will have to clear the residue from the joint first.

Solder Bridges

This usually happens when two solder joints melt and create a bridge together. Although this connection might be intended, it can cause a lot of problems for your work. Solder bridges usually occur when you use the wrong level of temperature. This is why it is important to use proper equipment such as a Magneto Tools 9 Pieces Soldering Iron Kit 60w – 110v. This way, you will be able to control the heat more precisely. This will enable you to avoid the creation of solder bridges.

Too Much Solder

This is the problem that most rookies experience. When binding two metal joints together, you need to make sure that you do not apply too much solder. Some people believe that applying too much solder will actually make the metals stick more strongly. However, this is not the case in reality. So, make sure that you are only applying the correct amount on solder on the metal.

Cold Joints

When the solder does not melt completely, this can happen. If the surface of the joint is rough of lumpy, then you know that it is a cold joint. Since cold joints can crack over time, you need to get rid them of immediately.

Apart from these, you might also experience disturbed joints, insufficient wetting and untrimmed leads during certain occasions.

Keeping Your Child Safe in School – Tips to Follow

Your child spends more time in school than he or she spends with you. Therefore, it is highly important for you to make sure that your child is safe and comfortable in this environment. Of course, educational institutions do everything within their power to ensure their pupils’ safety. However, as a parent, it is essential for you to do your part too. Therefore, follow the tips given below to ensure that your child will not be harmed while he or she is away from you.

Help Your Child Memorize Important Numbers

If there is an emergency situation in the classroom, your child should be able to reach out to you immediately. For instance, let’s say that your child misses the school bus, he or she needs to know your number to get home safely. Therefore, ask your child to memorize two or three important contacts. You could write these numbers on the back of his or her notebook too.

Create a Safe Learning Environment

Sex offenders and pedophiles are not the only ones who can harm your children. There are much simpler things that can endanger your child’s safety too. For instance, the learning environment must not include any sharp objects or electrical items that might be a threat to your child’s safety. If the classroom includes high tech items such as electric pencil sharpeners, you need to teach your child the right way to handle such equipment.

Ask Your Child to Stay Away from Strangers

This might be an old, cliché method, but it is still an important one. You need to teach your child who strangers are and what to do when they encounter one. Spare the gory details since it can scare your child. Just ask them not to speak to anyone they do not know, especially when they are alone.

You must also teach your child a few defense techniques to protect him or herself from bullies and anyone else who might try to hurt your child.